Learning & Development

Technical Training

Training is a central element of our HR policy, that’s why we developed a learning path for each job level.

We invest time and money in the training and development of our teams. We believe technical excellence is key in our profession and in engaging the best talent on the long-term in our organisation.

Mazars supports its employees in attaining a professional qualification most suited to their chosen career. Juniors receive generous study leave, pre-exam training and financial support towards course and exam fees. Mazars is proud to be recognised as an approved employer by Chartered Accountants Romania, Chartered Financial Auditors Romania and Chartered Fiscal Consultants Romania because of the support and guidance we provide our Consultants in achieving their qualification.

You have the option of choosing the ACCA or other international certification route when training with Mazars.


Managerial Development

Beyond the technical aspect, Mazars also wishes to accompany the development of employees in management and business development roles.

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